Learn Crochet or Knitting on the Internet for FREE!

kittenoutfit_medium2.jpgI’ve never had a real crochet or knitting lesson and I don’t know anyone else who can teach me. I did however, see how the senior citizens I used to work with made a big difference for others by creating and donating their knitted and crocheted items to families with lower incomes.

They even let me read one of their thank you letters in which a mother who was presented a newborn welcome basket for her baby (with a crocheted blanket) thanked them and let them know how much it meant to her to have something made by someone. It’s weird how when you make things you don’t think it’s a big deal or you think it’s just fun for you. It is a big deal and people really appreciate it.

That being said, I would like to give you my secrets in how I learned to crochet and knit on the internet for free!

There is a lot to know when you get started, there are different sizes of yarn, needles, hooks, etc. You’ll need to find a beginner project and start from there, once you know what project you want to make, it says on the pattern what size yarn and tool you’ll need. Find your beginner pattern here. I recommend a small project so you don’t get tired of it.

You’ll look at the patten and think…”what language is this in?” By the way, you have to learn the language of abbreviations.

I’m so bad at learning languages, I was asked to leave Spanish, so believe me when I tell you that you can do it!

To translate your pattern you can use this awesome reference created by Craft Yarn Council for Crochet and Knitting. They even have a resource about yarn information. They also have a great article about knitting vs crochet.

Now that you’ve found a pattern, know how to read them, and bought your supplies, you can get started! This is how I discovered you can learn most everything on YouTube. If you have a stitch, look it up on Youtube. This is a great channel called the Crochet Guru. You can even knit a scarf with Sheep and Stitch.

Once you have become comfortable with some knitting and crochet knowledge, you can become part of the community at Ravelry. It’s a fun place to find patterns and friends. I even have some patterns on there (and yes some are for cats.)

You can also become one of those amazing people that creates knitted and crochet items to give to others. Whether it’s gifts for people you know, or starting a club that donates crafts, you’ll love crochet and knitting.




  1. Thanks for a great post! I also learnt to crochet on the internet! Youtube definitely is a godsend for beginners who don’t know how to read patterns. Also, The Crochet Crowd is a another great community!

    • Thank you so much! It honestly is such a blessing that we can do things like that 🙂 thank you for the info about Crochet Crowd, there’s some cute stuff!

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