Lil Bub, Doing the Internet Right


What I love about Lil Bub (other than that she’s a cat.)

Lil Bub is not a fancy bred feline that was put on the internet for money. She’s a special needs cat, found outside and adopted, and “her dude” has helped her raise more than $300,000 for charity!

Lil Bub has become a famous personality that brings happiness to the world. The fact that she’s raising awareness for her condition is even better. She was the first known cat to have osteopetrosis, which they now know how to treat. The events she goes to raises money so other cats can have food, love, and get adopted. Even though she goes to charity events, her comfort and health always come before anything else.

In addition to being a philanthropist, Lil Bub has become an accomplished author, talk show host, award-winning documentary star, and apparently has her own album. In addition to this, she has a STORE IN INDIANA!

I love that Lil Bub’s dude found this cat outdoors, not knowing she was going to be famous and not knowing she even had the conditions she did. He simply showed her some love and she has now given back to the animal community (and people) in so many ways! Good work Bub!


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