Foster Kitten Photography

I can’t foster animals because I already have a lot of pets, but there is a lot of love from a foster parent to a kitten.


Fostering kittens and puppies is important because it gets them acclimated to people. Fostering older animals helps keep them out of a shelter where they likely won’t get adopted.



When you foster an animal they are much friendlier, easy to adopt, and are not as likely to get returned. To find a place where you can become a foster for animals, check out Volunteer Match.

If you’re more photographer than foster parent, good photos are a way to get a pet adopted.

Two main tips for animals photography:

  1. Wait, hang out with the animal awhile. They will relax and be themselves.
  2. When editing, be sure the eyes are crisp. 

It’s all about the animal’s personality. Little Tanner (that’s his name) here made things easy.


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