Needle Felting Kits and Cuteness


This craft produces results quicker than crochet and knitting, and is cheap to start! I just bought this fantastic kit from Phoenix Farm Fiber.  I have tried other kits and for me I saw a big difference in my work by using the Phoenix Farm Fiber’s kit. It’s also important to get cruelty free products. When you work with a small farm, these sheep are often more like companions than an animal bred just for their wool. That’s something to consider when buying yarn too.


Aside from quality fiber, I love that this kit came with little finger gloves. It gave me confidence in my movements with felting and did a great job of blocking my fingers from getting poked with the needle. I made one squirrel and had so much wool left that I’ve been able to practice more too!

Here are some beautiful examples of what you can do if you get really great at needle felting:

This detailed maine coon cat.

Even the more simple projects are so very sweet:

This felted Bunny Tutorial

A mouse walking a caterpillar.

This mouse ballerina.

While we’re on the subject of cute animals, check out Olga Mareeva on Etsy who creates such personable little animal toys.

If you haven’t tried needle felting, I highly recommend it!



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