Vintage Decorating and Supporting Recycling

So even if it wasn’t good for the environment, buying vintage is really fun. It’s also supporting small businesses who spend so much time finding and collecting all these cool finds. Sometimes you can even go to a resale store that supports a charity!

Vintage finds to accent your modern home could be things like:

A rotary phone

A vintage microphone

A retro chair

Old cameras sitting on a bookshelf

Framed sheet music, advertisements, or even postcards.

There are so many ways to add a little vintage for a classic look that is very unique. In addition this, you’re helping recycle!

If you buy vintage clothing, you can feel good about not further contributing to sweat shops. This is a big plus in my book as I’ve just started thinking more about where my clothes come from. If you are also interested in contributing less to this issue and also saving a lot of money (even if it’s not vintage) check out ThredUp! I just tried them out and enjoy getting style inspiration from them. For vintage clothes check out Etsy

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