SBSK, The Best Page on Facebook

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Have you seen Christopher Ulmer’s incredibly popular videos yet? Chris happened to become a special ed teacher after someone told him he might be good at it. He and the children got along wonderfully and eventually, his girlfriend suggested he create a book about the kids he taught. As he explains online, they were rejected by many, many publishers, but they knew they had something special. Chris started interviewing and filming his student’s view of the world and then putting the videos up online. Within a year there are more than a million followers and more each day!

The mission of SBSK seems to be simple; giving voices to special needs children. In these interviews, we hear how they see the world and how they would like to be treated by others. This relates to Color Give Smile’s mission to connect to seniors, who are often special needs physically or mentally. The common message is to treat others with disabilities the way you would want to be treated, like regular people.

Sometimes Chris uses his popularity to help others, like Jimmy who is looking to be adopted.

These videos are like potato chips, once you have one, you’re going to eat a lot more. Check it out Special Books by Special Kids

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